Holden Brake Adjustment Hole Rubber Plug 48 – WB LC – UC (2)



Cover brake adjuster which is for the brake backing plate of the vehicle.

Please note: This set of two rubber covers will fit one front or rear drum brake backing plate, to fit the rubber, push one end in the opening then the other side.

This product suits Holden 48 (FX), FJ, FE, FC, FB, EK, EJ, EH, HD, HR, HK, HT, HG, LC and LJ

  • Standard, Special, Premier, Belmont, Kingswood, Brougham, Monaro, GTS, Torana, S, SL, GTR, XU1
  • Sedan, 2 Door Coupe, Wagon, Utility (Ute), Panel Van
  • Fitted with 4 cylinder Opel 1.9 L, 6 cylinder Grey motor/ Red motor, 138 (2250), 149 (2250, 161, 179, 186, 8 cylinder V8, 253 (4.2 Litre, 308 (5.0 Litre), Chevrolet, 307, 327, 350, engine.