Project Management


Are you new to the classic car scene, unsure where to start with your project?

The team at Rare Parts has over 120 years of combined classic car restoration experience and can guide you through the process. We will ask a series of questions to ensure you achieve the result you desire.


Size and scope of the Project – what type of restoration do you wish to achieve?

  • Complete Restoration – Body, paint, trim, engine, drive train, chassis, etc
  • Suspension and Steering Restoration – We aim to have your car driving “as good as new”, with quality replacement components
  • Mechanical restoration – simple engine and drive train swap over
  • Cosmetic restoration – body work, paint and exterior finishes


Are you working in conjunction with a family member or friend?

  • What will the car be used for?
  • Daily driver
  • Sunday driver
  • Concourse restoration
  • Investment


Overall Budget – A detailed budget is essential to ensure you achieve your desired results. A contingency fund is an absolute must to cover any unexpected costs, as projects inevitably run over time and budget.

How much time can you personally devote to the project – is it 4 or 40 hours per week, what other commitments do you have – work, family, social/volunteer


How much of the project can you complete yourself? Are you handy or have you never changed the oil in your car? If you fall into the later category then you will need to seek qualified assistance to help turn your dreams into reality. Areas to consider

  • How much does the repairer know about your car?
  • Are they involved in the car restoration industry?
  • What is their reputation like – read reviews, ask for recommendations
  • What other projects are they working on?
  • Estimated time to complete your work


A full restoration requires a certain level of organisation, having the right tools for the job and a dedicated space to store your vehicle while you undergo the restoration

Pop in and speak with one of our friendly staff about your requirements today

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