Body Rubber & Weather Striping



Whether you’re restoring an Aussie classic or preparing a handmade Hot Rod, Rare Parts can assist with made to order, specialised and hand-made body rubber for cars from 1920’s to 1980’s.

With time, age and constant use your vehicle’s body rubber can break down and in turn requires replacement. The staff at Rare Parts can advise on parts and fitment



Be methodical in your search, and in most-cases you will find seals have cracked with age, clips have degraded over time causing the seal to move or seals have worn through with general use.

Sometimes the rubber is no longer soft and pliable and can no longer make a proper seal and if you are unable to find the source of a leak, a garden hose may be the quickest way to find the offending seal that needs replacement.



These essential products prevent the great outdoors from ending up on the inside of your classic car leaving soggy seats, wet carpet and puddles in the foot wells or in the boot.

Finding the leak may require a few hours of your time and some detective work however preventing leaks and road noise makes driving your classic car so much more enjoyable.



There are 2 types of seals, either clip in or glue on. All new seals are model specific and fit well so long as fitment directions are adhered to and the seals are orientated the correct way.

Rare Parts can assist with model specific seals, however we also specialise in handmade, made to order seals for your classic vehicle or handmade Hot Rod.


Our product range includes;

  • Windscreen seals (front and rear)
  • Lock-strip
  • Bonnet Lace
  • Pinch weld
  • Door seals
  • Bailey channel
  • Door belts
  • Tailgate seals
  • Hatch seals
  • Boot seals
  • Barn door seals




  • Glass divider seals
  • Quarter vent window seals
  • Roof rail seals
  • Body rubber kits (can be adapted to suit your needs)
  • 3M Weather strip adhesive
  • Semi cured strip
  • Bump stops
  • Grommets
  • Pedal pads