Plastic Bumpers & Chrome Bumpers

Protect Your Pride & Joy With A Replacement Bumper

Your car needs a bumper. Literally, you legally cannot drive without one in Australia, both front and rear. It’s your first line of defence should you ‘bump’ into anything, helping to cushion the blow in the event of an accident and also to prevent physical damage to the vehicle itself in low-speed collisions.

Bumpers act as a shield, protect the bonnet, boot, radiator and other components. They are also probably the most frequently damaged part of a vehicle – especially in a country filled with ‘roos.

Need a new bumper or time to replace one? Rare Parts has a comprehensive range of over 8000 renovation and restoration products, including all kinds of bumpers.

Chrome Bumpers

Most modern manufacturers make bumpers out of plastic, but the hallmark of many stunning classic automobiles is the chrome bumper.

It wasn’t until just after WWII that vehicle designers began to use bumpers beyond their functionality as simple rigid metal bars, and instead, as a means of adding style and aesthetic. The result was all kinds of creative shapes and contours for the next few decades of bumpers, and many iconic vehicle silhouettes that became timeless.

It’s hard to deny the visual appeal of polished and buffed chrome, but it’s easily damaged and comes with other complications. Ever noticed the huge gap left in older steel car bumpers? This was an intentional decision by the manufacturer to reduce to risk of it caving into your bodywork. Eventually, metal bumpers went out of fashion due to their cost and predisposition to fading and corrosion, and plastic became the new norm until the present day – although larger commercial vehicles, like trucks, will often still have metal bumpers. 

Why Rare Parts?

Whatever kind of bumper you’re looking for, front or back, if it’s for an iconic, classic or vintage vehicle, we’re here to help.

Rare Parts has been servicing Perth for over 30 years, and we’ve established a name as one of Australia’s leading car parts suppliers.

We carry stock parts for all the leading makes and models, including Holden, Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan and more.

Classics, renovations and restorations are our passion. So, if there’s a rare part you’re after, there’s nowhere you’re more likely to find it.

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Plastic Bumpers

They may not gleam like a chrome bumper, but there are plenty of enthusiasts who swear by plastic bumpers, too. Lighter, scratch resistant and more affordable, plastic bumpers are simply more convenient and have constituted the vast majority of all car bumpers since around the 90s. They also bond easily with a wide range of paints and finishes, making them easier to customise and shape.

From a safety perspective, plastic is also generally considered to absorb impact far better than metal, as it’s specifically designed to crumble rather than hold in shape like its more sturdy chrome counterpart.

As the face of the vehicle, the bumper can have a serious impact on your vehicle’s appearance and profile. While chrome bumpers are a sight to behold, some would say they are becoming an increasingly rare sight in the car scene, with body painted bumpers taking over. Body painted bumpers are nothing new and were on plenty of iconic sports automobiles from as early as the 60s.

For some, however, body painting old iron is sacrilege. We’re not here to judge, just to inform!

Instead of trying to rework damaged, misaligned and faded chrome from decades past, a replacement modern stainless steel bumper is a great value for money option designed to add the wow factor back to your vehicle. Stainless steel offers the shine of chrome without the thinness, susceptibility to corrosion, peeling, bending and other future expenses.

Chrome bumpers, body painted bumpers, plastic bumpers, stainless steel bumpers, doesn’t matter – as long as you love your vehicle.