Window Components



Is your classic, vintage or muscle car in need of new window glass or components? Do you struggle to wind your windows up and down or do they produce an annoying rattle whilst on a leisurely drive? We may have the very things to help and assist you with all your classic car window needs.



Reproduction glass is now available for a wide variety of classic and vintage vehicles and is preferred way forward when safety over rides authenticity.

Vintage muscle car parts from a wrecking yard may appear to be the holy grail however years of wear and tear, scratches, chips and possible delaminating could make that bargain buy, a costly exercise. Find all your Glass and Window needs with our products and services.



When checking your window mechanisms for possible repair or replacement, be methodical, remove all trims, channels, vent windows and frames. Tools required to make the job easier include screw drivers, socket sets and a door handle removal tool. Remember to handle with care, and in keeping the correct safety procedures.



When handling the glass, don’t force the situation, be methodical and measured in your approach. If its not coming out with ease, step back and take another look. Perhaps a crucial step has been missed which has led to the difficulty

Take photos and label all images to enable correct fitment on re-installation. Clean all parts to ensure they are free of grease, sand and dirt and examine for wear and tear.


Rare Parts can source a wide variety of aftermarket products such as;

  • Glass – windscreens (front and rear)
  • Front and rear door glass
  • Quarter window glass
  • Window regulators
  • Window regulator repair kits
  • Window wiper components
  • Window wiper arms and blades
  • Wiper linkage kits
  • Winder handles
  • Fitting kits
  • Semi cured strip to assist in glass fitment


As you’re dealing with glass, remember your personal safety and wear the following items;

  • a long- sleeved shirt
  • pants
  • covered in shoes (No Aussie safety boots!)
  • gloves and
  • safety glasses.