Replacement Holden, Ford & Chevrolet Badges

Your Dream Car Isn’t Complete Without A New Shiny Badge!

There are many factors that make a car unique, but arguably none carry as much prestige as the humble badge.

The badge is the brand (originally, the term came from livestock branding), and an immediate look into the history of the vehicle and the story behind its manufacturing. This little piece of metal carries with it years of backstory, and many badges have become nothing less than iconic.

No classic car or restoration is complete without the badge. It is the finishing touch, a signifier and a representation of a specific time. At Rare Parts, we carry a vast range of badges for some of Australia’s most iconic vehicles. Take a look!

Holden Badges

The iconic Holden logo, nicknamed “Lion and the Stone”, was originally designed to represent a lion rolling a stone – representing a wheel.

Over the years, the logo and badges went through many iterations from the late 1920s right through to the sad day the last Australian-built Holden was rolled out of the factory, in October 2017, and the discontinuation of the brand in 2020.

We have badges and badge kits for rare models throughout this run, from FJ Holdens in the 50s to HK Monaros in the 60s, LX Toranas in the 70s, and the legendary run of Commodores. The first, VB, was released in 1978, and we’ve got badges and nameplates to suit the VK, VL, VS, Calais, and more.

Ford Badges

One of the world’s most recognisable trademarks, the Ford logo has remained relatively unchanged over the years. The signature script has been in use since the early 20th century, with the iconic blue oval first arriving in 1927. The modern blue and white tinted version was actually first released in 1976.

Alongside Holden, Ford and its iconic logo were entwined with Australian culture as one of the country’s most popular car manufacturers. The company’s 88-year long history ended in late 2016 when the last Australian-made straight-six and V8 rolled out of Geelong.
That hasn’t stopped many Ford models from being highly sought after by collectors and restorers alike. We have badges to match the Fairmont, Ghia and mighty Falcon, including the XA, XC and XY.

Chevrolet Badges

The iconic bowtie badge was originally inspired by the wallpaper of a hotel in Paris the Chevrolet co-founder once stayed in.

Once, top-end eight-cylinder Holdens had powerful American Chevrolet engines installed, and thus the legacy of Chevy badges on Commodores was born. Given that the VE Commodore was badge-engineered internationally by Chevrolet, many enthusiasts replace their VE’’s lion with the bowtie.

In fact, it goes both ways, as in 2017 the Holden manufacturing team released the Phantom Black Chevrolet SS – complete with Chevrolet badge.

Why Rare Parts?

If you’re looking for rare, premium quality Ford or Holden badges, you’ve come to the right place.

We understand the significance between a badge, and that for car enthusiasts, a number can tell so much more than just a model. We also understand the value a badge can bring to an automobile.

That’s why we’ve got nameplates, bonnet badges and emblems for all kinds of classic vehicles, including V8s, limited editions, and top of the line models.

Rare Parts has been servicing Perth for over 30 years, and we’ve established a name as one of Australia’s leading car parts suppliers.

We carry stock parts for all the leading makes and models, including Holden, Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan and more.

Classics, renovations and restorations are our passion. So, if there’s a rare part you’re after, there’s nowhere you’re more likely to find it.

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