Interior, Trims, Carpet, Upholstery & Dash

The Interior Is As Important As The Exterior!

Got the mechanical side of your restoration sorted? Good, that’s the hard part. Refreshed the exterior to make it look show-stopping? That will be sure to turn heads. However, you know what they say – it’s what inside that counts. Considering it’s where you’ll be spending all your time in the vehicle, an interior restoration should never be skimped on.

We have everything a classic car lover could need to restore or customise the interior of their pride and joy, with a range of over 8000 renovation and restoration products.

Door Trims

With people constantly getting in and out of a vehicle, the door trims are often a little worse for wear. Water also has a tendency to get into them through the window, and can warp the panel itself – unsurprising, given they are often made from cheap cardboard in many older cars. We carry door trim panels for a range of classic Holdens, Fords and more.


Vehicle interior carpets were just that – carpet. They were designed for function, not really for longevity. Our replacement cut carpets are made from modern materials including built-in stain guards and are a cost effective way to bring the floor or your vehicle up to scratch. Plus, we’ve got a full suite of colours available for all kinds of iconic Australian classics, with colours including Buckskin, Burgundy, Chevy Red and Charcoal Grey.


Given you’ll be staring at the dash, you might as well make it look pretty. Like the upholstery, dashboards are highly susceptible to wear-and-tear, not to mention damage from that summer sun. A brand new dash can look absolutely mint – and we’ve got all the accessories to make it possible for your vintage car, including the dash trim, pads, centre console, clock and radio bezels, cigarette lighters, and more. We also have a range of steering wheels and other steering components to have your vehicle handling like a dream.


Technically, all the material inside your vehicle is called the upholstery, but people often use the term in reference to seats. As the commanding chair of your cockpit, the seat should be premium and pay respect to the vehicle itself.

Depending on the era and the model, your upholstery could be cloth, leather, vinyl, or a combination of the three. We’ve got stylish leather and bucket seats available, as well as a range of seat covers and seatbelt covers for that personal touch.

Roof starting to sag? Also known as headliners, roof lining is another area of the vehicle prone to deteriorating – you’ve probably seen it before. Some cars have the lining glued directly to the roof, while others will have a layer of cardboard and foam in between. Whatever your situation, new roof lining will have your roof looking tight and sleek again.

The rear of your caris similarly exposed to the elements, and the parcel shelf can fade, peel and generally look unsightly. A reproduction moulded parcel shelf can be easily fitted and sprayed the desired colour to match the interior of your vehicle.

Why Rare Parts?

The truth is, when the interior of your car looks great, you’re going to want to spend more time in it.

That’s why we carry such an extensive range of interior products to have your classic or restoration a pleasure to be in.

Rare Parts has been servicing Perth for over 30 years, and we’ve established a name as one of Australia’s leading car parts suppliers.

We carry stock parts for all the leading makes and models, including Holden, Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan and more.

Classics, renovations and restorations are our passion.

If there’s a rare part you’re after, there’s nowhere you’re more likely to find it, contact our Perth office.